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Fast Lead Times

  • Box Stairs – One Week Maximum
  • Open Stairs – Two Week Maximum
  • Custom Stairs – Three to Five Weeks
  • Stair/Rail Installation – Two to Three Weeks

Rail Design & Installation

Our Skilled Reps Contact

Not an expert in stairs?  No worries.  Our team of experienced fields reps are available to answer your questions and to take custom measurements at your customer’s jobsites to make sure their stairs match what is needed at each location.

Jobsite Delivery Available

For an upcharge, we will deliver to your jobsite (provided the site has been properly prepared).



Durawood Warranty

Durawood Products, Inc. is committed to delivering the highest quality products and services available in the mid-Atlantic market.  Stair and handrail installations will be done using high quality materials and we employ technicians that are competent to do the work in a professional manner.  We warrant our manufactured products and services to be free of material and workmanship defects for 90 days from date of delivery to the job site.  We will make repairs  to and/or replace any defective work done/product supplied.

It is important for customers to recognize that wood products, if left in a natural state (i.e. not sealed), can deteriorate due to changes in temperature and humidity.  Examples of such deterioration are checks, failing glue joints, discoloration, raised grain (in pine).  We do not warrant the integrity of material if stairs are not sealed within two weeks of delivery.  Also, if our products are installed by others, it is important that they are secured as shown on the sticker on the underside of our stairs, and that the work is done with materials and skills required for a successful result. Improper installation can lead to defects like squeaks, flexing, and cracks.